Anonymous: What did you do for the summer

Not too much to be honest. Went to Budapest in May had a few sessions in different parts of Ireland and now am studying for repeats. Was supposed to go to Electiric Picnic but that’s gone out the window now that it’s sold out. What did you do ?

Anonymous: aw sorry to hear you have to repeat an exam. :( it sucks! college exams are so hard, they expect so much from you!

Aww thank you for such a nice comment, I wish people who had positive things to say would take themselves off anonymous 💕 I know repeats suck, they take up so much of your summer haha stupid management accounting ! Do you have any repeats ?

Anonymous: do you dye your hair yourself? is there anywhere in town (dublin) you could recommend me getting a cut and color?

Hi , I don’t do my colour myself, never have been able to I always end up a ginger mess haha. I get it done in a girls house in Castleknock cut colour and blow dry for 60 quid and it is always fabulous ! In terms of town I think everywhere is gonna cost an arm or a leg unless you go to like the style club ! Sorry if this wasn’t very helpful !